Figure out what you want your money to do for you, and find the simplest, smartest way to do it.

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Cash Flow

Understand how you spend your money and use it to effect real change 


Put the income puzzle together to build the simplest, most sustainable plan possible



Don’t get sabotaged by high fees, poor behaviour, confusion, and unrealistic expectations


Goal Planning

Get very clear about the things you want and put systems in place to move towards them

Sandi has been an excellent guide to me and my family into the financial fields of retirement, investing and saving, and has provided me with information, advice and tutelage on strategies for reaching our (what at first seemed daunting) goals.

When I first approached her I had a small scope of inquiry in mind but as she took me through her process I realized there were many more factors to consider; this process expanded my financial goals and consequently my set of possibilities and choices. Specifically, there were so many factors to retirement that were new to me and Sandi was able to de-mystify them with a detail and analysis that rolled over into my knowledge of investment types.

One of the most valuable arguments to choosing a financial advisor is the information they give you in relation to your own situation rather than in abstraction – it makes the process so much more interesting and even exciting. Sandi is an enthusiastic listener and thorough in her critical analysis and I recommend her to anyone who wants to take a personal leadership in their finances.


Sonja, Ontario

I was slightly unsure at the start of the process as I was requesting something fairly unique and couldn’t fully quantity my expected outcome (always risky in any advisory services engagement) other than knowing i didn’t have enough information on the expected outcomes of my options to make a good decision on my own.

After a couple conversations with Sandi I felt comfortable with the description of what to expect and the timeline in which it would be delivered. Sandi met both expectations and delivered a very custom analysis factoring in all inputs I had provided, and also including some I had overlooked. Overall I was very pleased with the final report, which will play a key part in my family’s future financial planning.

Kevin, Ontario


Get clarity about where you are now and where you want to be.




Differentiate the things you can control from the things you can’t.




Act on the few things that will make the most difference.



Build simple structures that move you closer to your goals.


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