Cash Flow and Budgeting

An effective, realistic personal budget isn’t a list of things you can’t afford, or a spreadsheet that forces you to bake your bread from scratch, use coupons at the grocery store, or never buy coffee at work again.

Budgeting is not about denying yourself everything that you enjoy, or “being frugal” just for the fun of it. It’s about knowing how much money comes in, and intentionally spending that money on those things that are most important to you.


How you spend your money every day is your single most important financial characteristic, and the one with the most power to effect change in your life.


Budgeting isn’t rocket science, but it does take perseverance and clear thinking to build, tinker with, and adjust according to your unique spending behaviour and family needs.

Our work together is designed to help you understand how you spend your money, how you want to spend your money, and to create an efficient system that you can use to spend mindfully in the future.

Quicken Set-Up

  • Get Quicken Cash Flow Manager tailored to your unique needs. (Your copy of Quicken must be purchased directly from Intuit.)

Quicken Training

  • One month of weekly coaching sessions to get you over the hump of learning Quicken to manage your cash flow effectively.

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