Retainer Program

The retainer program is designed so that we can continue to work together as you implement your plan. I’ll be your dedicated financial planner, familiar with what’s important to you and on your team to help you check your progress, make adjustments to your plan, and think through new decisions as life unfolds.

Depending on how much support you need, we will have a 60-90 minute phone or Skype meeting every month, every three months, every six months, or every year. Between meetings, I will check up with you as you work towards your goals, and will be available by email at any time to answer questions or work through ideas.

The review frequency you  choose will depend on how much support you need as you implement your goals, and should reflect the intensity of the change you’re facing.

For example, monthly meetings are appropriate if you’re changing the way you spend your money by implementing a new cash flow plan. Quarterly meetings will help you if you’re aligning your investment policy with your goals and transferring assets to a new portfolio manager. Semi-annual meetings work well if you’re expecting relatively even progress towards medium- and long-term goals like education, sabbatical years, and retirement. You can switch between frequencies once per year or cancel completely at any time.


Retainer ProgramPriceMeeting FrequencyBest for...
Monthly$250/monthEvery monthThose making big changes and needing maximum support
Quarterly$190/monthEvery three monthsThose working toward short-term goals that can change quickly
Semi-Annually$125/monthEvery six monthsThose expecting steady progress towards medium-term goals
Annually$65/monthEvery twelve monthsThose expecting steady progress towards long-term goals

Ready to discuss your situation and how we can help?

At Spring, we have the training and experience to help a wide range of client types. We'd love to connect you with the right person from your very first meeting, and ask that you fill out a brief form to help us prepare for your call. 

Please note that you are welcome to schedule a call without answering these questions, but that we've found that meetings tend to be more productive if we know a little about you before we start. 

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