Sandi, working with you was an absolute pleasure. It has got to be the most intimidating things in the world to open up all of your dirty financial secrets to a stranger I met on the internet. Yet, I never once felt uncomfortable during our work together. In fact, I actually looked forward to our chats, which were always insightful and productive. You were nothing but supportive, compassionate and understanding and in the end, helped me to see that I can do this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for helping me get through this difficult time.

Sherri, Ontario

My wife & I are DIY investors and wanted to check in with a pro at a midlife milestone. I got more than expected when we started the exercise to build our first financial plan. Sandi’s got a fantastic personality and engaged both the Avid (me) and the Averse (my wife) equally. The process to force fit your life into little money buckets was as I expected but became personalized very soon after the original generic surveys were completed. But what I really re-gained from this whole experience was the confidence that I can manage this portfolio as our lives change, and we don’t have to pay expensive commissions to advisors. We need more Sandi’s in the investment community.

Mike, Alberta

I was slightly unsure at the start of the process as I was requesting something fairly unique and couldn’t fully quantity my expected outcome (always risky in any advisory services engagement) other than knowing i didn’t have enough information on the expected outcomes of my options to make a good decision on my own. After a couple conversations with Sandi I felt comfortable with the description of what to expect and the timeline in which it would be delivered. Sandi met both expectations and delivered a very custom analysis factoring in all inputs I had provided, and also including some I had overlooked. Overall I was very pleased with the final report, which will play a key part in my family’s future financial planning.

Kevin, Ontario

At age 56, I had no experience, and little knowledge of financial planning. I was a bit dubious of engaging a financial planner that I would not be meeting in person, but I was pleasantly surprised. Sandi Martin conducts herself in a very professional and organized manner. Setting up a telephone appointments was easy via her on-line calendar. She is personable, explains things clearly and was open to answering all my questions. My request was to plan for my retirement. She put together a professional report using the details of my one year, five year and ten year goals. Her report was clearly presented in a very readable format. Sandi demystified the world of investing and I feel much more confident moving forward.

Monica, Ontario

Working with Sandi was a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. She was very professional and took the time to assess my specific goals accurately. She has a great investment philosophy and is very helpful at explaining the details of personal finance.

Owen, Ontario

I have give your request for feedback some thought and cannot find any aspect of our engagement during this process that I would change. I found your approach and advise informative and helpful. You solicited information, asked questions and ensured that I was aware that I also should be asking questions for clarification or additional information.

Bonnie, Ontario

Our recent experience with Sandi Martin and Spring Personal Finance was very positive. From our first telephone conversation with Sandi we knew that we had made the right decision to go with Spring Personal Finance. Sandi is very knowledgeable and her honesty is refreshing. We now have a financial plan in place to be better prepared for retirement and have certainly become more informed investors. We have learned that it is best to go with a fee only service to truly receive unbiased advice.

Lorraine, Alberta

Sandi has been an excellent guide to me and my family into the financial fields of retirement, investing and saving, and has provided me with information, advice and tutelage on strategies for reaching our (what at first seemed daunting) goals.

When I first approached her I had a small scope of inquiry in mind but as she took me through her process I realized there were many more factors to consider; this process expanded my financial goals and consequently my set of possibilities and choices. Specifically, there were so many factors to retirement that were new to me and Sandi was able to de-mystify them with a detail and analysis that rolled over into my knowledge of investment types.

One of the most valuable arguments to choosing a financial advisor is the information they give you in relation to your own situation rather than in abstraction – it makes the process so much more interesting and even exciting. Sandi is an enthusiastic listener and thorough in her critical analysis and I recommend her to anyone who wants to take a personal leadership in their finances.

Sonja, Ontario